Monday, July 28, 2014

Sister Nilsson's Fiesta

 Surprise Party! (complete with confetti cannons)

 Its not a fiesta without a giant sombrero.
 Her caption: "please dont mention the double chin. i dont need to hear it."
some gifts she received from her friends in New York.
She called this her best birthday ever, which was awesome to hear! She continues to love every minute she spends in New York.

Her fathers day gift

She had us print this out and frame it to give to dad on fathers day. He sure loved it!

Random Photos from the Sister

"Me at a garage sale. I can't escape them!"

Sister Nilsson enjoying the summertime

Pictures from the 4th

Her caption: These pictures are all very American.

Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014

Aw poor pali haha. Tell him to stick with it and it will get better! Yes I will write lance and Linda today. I have not got the other package yet but im sure it will come soon. Ok im typingona tablet right nowand it is really hard so this will br short. We met an elvis tribute artist this week! He is a member's brother, we just stopped by to say hi and he answered. He gave us signed photos and we are going to his concert at a restaurant tonight haha. We also taught this super cute 15 year old girl. Her mom is a member but she is inactive and she thinks its great we are hanging out with her daughter. We taught her the restoration and towards the end we asked her how she was feeling and she said she felt very sure of all of it. So cool! We are going to e teaching her a lot this week. We also taught an old jamaican couple and they are the cutest.  We've known them a couple weeks now but we finally got to a tually teach them this week. It was amazing. While we were going through the pamphlet Roy started reading joseph smith's account without us even asking him to! The spirit was very strong.  So it's been a really good week. Our investigtor, kevin, came to church for the first time yesterday and he loved it! He participated and everythinh. I love serving in Gouverneur.  Transfers are coming up at the beginning of next month. I feel like it could really go either way which is scary! Oh well, I will just enjoy being here while I can. I love and miss you all. Have you started school shopping yet? :) keep sending me letters!

July 14, 2014

hello family!
First off....THANK YOU FOR THE BIRTHDAY PACKAGE. I will go into detail on how much I loved it in my letter but just know that I really loved it:) So this week was good. I got to go on exchanges again with Sister Stephens which is always fun (we talk about the Aumicks the whole time) then nothing else really exciting that week happened excpet for my birthday! it was so super fun! it started with seeing the adorable decorations Sister Barley stayed up until midnight doing, then opening presents from you guys which I loved, then Gina surprised us at 6:45 with smiley face pancakes, then we went to church in Ogdensburg and experienced a crazy downpour, then we went to Gouverneur church ( I will go into more detail in all of this in my letter) then we went to the Jara's for our usual Sunday dinner but when I got out of the car and turned around I saw a surprise fiesta awaiting me! The Jara's planned it and everyone was in on it and I had no idea! Diego started blasting mexican happy birthday music from his car and the elders shot off confetti cannons and everyone i love was there! Seriously the best birthday ever. It made me feel so good. I am in a good good place here. So the party was complete with tacos, birthday tres leches, a pinata, and very thoughtful gifts and cards. and good friends too haha i love everyone who was there. I love so much being a missionary and finding more family out here. Gouverneur feels like home and although sometimes things get hard, I hope I don't leave here anytime soon. Hmm this was a short email for all I wanted to say but yeah, thats the jist of it, expect a great letter. Love you all so much! Wish Nate luck for me! Oh and Nick with his t-shirt business. kk love you!
Sister Quinn Nilsson

July 7, 2014

alright. I'm not in an emailing mood right now cause I just emailed Madison and some other people and I'm going to write you all a letter anyway but I will email you something I suppose. I'm glad you had a fun week at the beach. I figured it would be fun. Did you get donuts?? Oh an inland site for the first time? Guess having me gone is bad luck. I'll be there for the next beach trip though! :) How was Sadie so lucky to get work off? Imma have to get her job. Also I know tons of people going to UVU this upcoming year including my companion's younger brother so tell her to look out for him. My 4th of July was alright haha. We were in MLC all day which is that missionary leadership meeting. It was good though. They decorated the cultural hall with little american flags and the served apple pie so it was a pretty american day after all. the only thing that would have made it better is if i heard "made in america" playing somewhere. also Diego and Erin did let us play with sparklers. Sister Barley has never used them before so she was really excited but as I've grown older I've gotten more and more afraid of them. I was brave though as you can see from the picture. They were nice to want to spend the evening with us even though we had to ditch early to make it back home for curfew. We are going to be walking a lot because we have a lot of driving to do again wihtin the next couple weeks. Oh oh oh next time I email you I'm going to be 20. So weird!! I feel too young to be 20! and Sister Barley told me she automatically went up a pant size when she turned 20 so good things don't seem to be in store haha oh well. Our investigators are doing so-so. We are trying to figure out how we can have more spiritual lessons with them. Any advice? I missed you all so much this week! I feel like I would have missed you more during Christmas but it turned out that I missed being at the beach with all of you more. Just don't make so much trouble the next time we go! I still love it here, don't worry. Homesickness comes and goes I suppose. lol that rhymed. Well. I'm going to look at those pictures some more. I love you all and hope you have a good week this week! Make sure you all email me back and write letters!:)
love, Sister Quinn Nilsson

June 30, 2014

hello family. this will be a super short email cause i'm writing ya'll a letter. it was a good week. no trainee actually .she got sick:( Aurora's baptism went great:) she had lots of supporters there and we love her. i'm jelly of all of you in cali. have a fun week and dont get stung by anything. tell everyone i say hi. happy 4th of july too! MADE IN AMERICA. kk i'll let you get back to the fun. dont miss me too much. get me something cool at the swap meet. lates lates love you all. 
sister quinn nilsson

June 23, 2014

hola familia!
yay i'm glad you got that letter! sorry it got there after fathers would have been way better if it got there on time but whatever. oh man, you had me worried with pali's leg! another sadie hawaii experience. lucky its not broken! he would not have a fun time and the beach if he couldn't get in the water. hmm is the beach trip early this year? who are you going with again? aww the beach :( i hope you think of me when you eat donuts and fish tacos. oh well. i love being in New York! yyeeaauuhhh goin to church on vacay? dedication. that will be fun. hmm lets think of what happened this week. i'll start with the most exciting thing. i got to go on exchanges with sister stephens for a day! it was so fun to be with her again! she is seriously the nicest and most fun person ever! we talked about the Aumicks the whole time of course. i got to ride a bike on exchanges too! not as hard to ride a bike in a skirt as i thought it would be and it was fun too! i went on fort drum again for a dinner appointment and for an institute class. we met with one of their investigators and he had the coolest porch decorations ever. they were allll cowboy. i wan them all. also...more super exciting news....sister barley and I are training this upcoming transfer!! we get a new sister to be with us! we're so excited! also Aurora is getting baptized this Thursday. very exciting. Sister Barley and I have to do a musical number for that. we are not at all prepared. freaking out. We are planning on me playing that pretty piano solo arrangement of Come Follow Me and her figuring out how to sing along with it. will tell you how it goes...I also went to a baptist church bible study this week. everyone was nice but the pastor just outlined the book of Daniel. We had a Relief Society get together thing on saturday. you all will be so proud of me. i sewed my own apron all by myself. we made them out of men's button up shirts too! they are way cute i will have to take a picture of it and send it to you. Aurora is the best and has been giving us rides everywhere all week. Seriously i don't know how we got so lucky with her. she is so so so solid in her testimony and is always willing to help others get to church or other things and is just the best. we are having dinner with her family tonight :) also i went to a bluegrass concert this week! our cute cute "investigators" clem and doria have their own family blue grass band called "Matune Creek Band" and they performed at their little church this week. Aurora went with us and gave us a ride (obvi cause she's the best) and it was so fun! they were so cute! Clem is in his 80s and he was up there jamming on his mandolin and harmonica and singing! the people up here are so simple and i love it. hmm thats about it for me this week. write me more letters. please. have a super fun time in cali and take lots of pictures and send them to me. i'm loving missionary life. be a missionary at home. i love you all. 
sister quinn nilsson

June 2, 2014

School's out! Let's rock and roll School's out! gonna lose control! School's out! party with my friends....anyway woo hoo summer! don't tell me about all your summer plans or I might get depressed! jk life is fun up here too. I can't remember this week very well but I will try to give you as much detail as I can. oh, we had a lesson with Aurora this week about modesty.. Also Aurora is awesome and is like the in for all missionary work up here. she is going to help open up so many doors up here. keep praying for her, we love her! we also had to wax our car at 5 in the morning one day this week. I've never waxed a car before. I know why they call it buffing too because holy cow did it give my arm a work out. then the day after we waxed it it got all dirty so we were not happy. also one day this week it downpoured like crazy. we had to run from out car into our house which took like a total of 5 seconds and we still got drenched. and then on sunday when we were driving home form church sister barley saw a turtle on the highway so she made me turn around so she could go rescue it. unfortunately, some guy in a truck saw it as well and was putting it on the grass. so we stopped and waited for him to drive away which was dumb because he obiv saw us and knew we were going to go after the turtle so while sister barley was across the road looking for it the truck guy came back and talked to her for like 10 minutes and she came back without the turtle. she was quite upset. also I'm very happy that the weather is so nice now, its really pretty up here and very green once again. that's about all I have to say for this email, maybe my letter will be better. but I love you all and hope you have a good week! write me!! lates
love, sister Quinn nilsson

May 26, 2014

hello family!
sorry this is going to be the world's shortest email but we are super duper short on time right now. I just wanted to email to say YAY NICK IS HOME YAY YAY. also thanks for the pictures, they were tender:) glad to know he is home! hope you guys had a fun weekend with the lambs. it looked like a lot of the usual fun and I kind of wish I was there because I do miss everyone a lot but I've gotta stay here for a while! it was a good week though. luckily the letter I wrote you guys was actually good so you can here more details about my week. Also tell Pali he looked super fly in that model picture that I know he took just for me:) Ok I've got to go but keep writing me letters and have a good week.
kk lates love you all
sister Quinn nilsson

May 19, 2014

ok i have like 10 minutes and i still have to email my mission president so i will tell you like 3 things and then the rest will just have to be in my letter!
so my new companion is sister barely! i told you about her, right? how i knew her from my first district and she is the best! we have been companions not even a week yet but it has been really fun! she is a really fun person and takes my jokes and can make even the worst situations funny so its been great. i am having a good time with her and she is also a really good missionary. i have to do a portion of a training at our zone training meeting this week and i am kind of nervous for that so pray for me and i will tell you how it goes! tell nick hi for me! that's really exciting i bet you guys are excited. well yeah i need to email president now but enjoy those pictures and keep writing me!
also mom, Madison will probs forget to tell you this so if you don't mind, send me that joseph and the dreamcoat cd back please! i love you all and hope you have a good week!
love, sister Quinn nilsson

May 12, 2014

hi family!
i have no time to email much cause of our awesome alex bay tour today but i thought i would just send you a little email. i'm glad you got to go to the buchanan's after all! excited to see camden soon! the boat tour was way fun! really pretty, you guys will have to come up here one day. it was weird to feel like i was on vacation and a mission at the same time. this week is looking good i think. i am going to have to take over the area which i am really nervous about but i will just have to pray a lot and it will be ok! i get to work in gouverneur with sister davis on wednesday while sister church is at transfers and while sister barley is traveling up so that will be fun:) sister davis' comp is going to corning so thats really really exciting. also sister stephens will be coming up this way and i will get to be sister training leader over her so i get to go on exchanges with her! so excited! well yeah just wanted to tell ya'll i had a really good time skyping and calling you yesterday.:) hope all continues to go well
i love you guys! have a good week! write me letters!
love, sister quinn nilsson

May 5, 2014

Hello Family!
First things first:mother's day phone call. We are planning on this Sunday (obvi) at 7:45 ish 8:00 our time so 6:00ish your time (p.m.) so plan on that! super stoked. ok I think that is all the business I need to take care of. now to tell you about my week
As you know, we did the "Flap Jack Attack last Monday and were unsuccessful. I sent you pictures of that, right? Then on Wednesday we had another Relief Society Dinner so that was fun. We had it at Sister Adams' house and she is from Korea so she made us some really good Korean food. then we helped a new member move into town. She now lives in our same apartment complex right across the street! She is really sweet and invited us for dinner this Wednesday so that will be fun. We also went down to Utica again this week for Missionary Leadership Council. Kind of fun but its mostly just sitting for 7 hours trying to solve problems in the mission. But on the way down we had to stop in Watertown to give the Watertown sisters something so while we were there we stopped in Target and ate at Chipotle! Some areas have it all. I got a super cute cardigan with little pink bicycles on it:) anyway so MLC was fine. Then that night we taught a funny lesson. They are a new old couple we picked up named Bob and Marlene. They are really sweet and into their own church but they let us in so we teach them. Anyway, we were getting towards the end of teachign the Restoration and we ask them "If God were here right now, what would you ask Him about what we have taught?" Then Marlene says "I would ask Him why He is letting Obama run this country into the ground" umm ok...haha so that was funny. Then we are supposed to have one of them pray at the end so they can have a spiritual experience but they were both too scared to pray in front of us so we came up with the idea that we could all say our own silent prayers asking if the first vision was true so after we all pray Bob breaks the silence by asking "Do you know Mitt Romney?" yeah. it was a great lesson haha. but we are going back tonight so woo hoo! Also I have another funny story but I have to have something to write in my letter so I will just save it for that. In other news, Angel was baptized on Saturday! It was so great! And Aurora came with us early so we could fill the font so while we were waiting we taught her about baptism and confirmation. She is so great. She tells us she plans on being baptized but she doesn't know when and we don't want to push her so we will let her decided when she is ready. But yeah, Angel's baptism was great! He was really happy and Diego got to baptize him so that was special:) Diego and Erin had us over for dinner on Sunday So that was my week. Pretty fun. Its supposed to be warmer this week too. I hope you guys have a good week too. Super excited to Skype/call you. Keep writing me letters!! lates
love, sister quinn nilsson

April 28, 2014

Hello Family!
I see you are experiencing classic Utah weather. Have fun with that. I don't really feel like replying to everything you just told me about what is going on but thanks for telling me. Now I will grace you with the events of my week. 
It started with dinner and the usual game of Rook with Roxanne, Mary, and Sister Strough. Have any of you played Rook before? As you would imagine, I was terrible at it the first few times of playing but then I got the hang of it. Then oh oh I found some really cute shorts while volunteering at the thrift shop! haha the ladies that work there with us are so nice and just let us take things we like. So far I have gotten one dress, 1 skirt, 3 shirts, and now one pair of shorts from there. I obvi can't wear them yet but they are bermudas and they are white and blue stripes and they are free. Hmm we also taught Aurora a couple times this week. She is so great like always. We also told her that we never know what the weather is going to be so now she texts us the forecast every morning:) oh oh also, Angel is getting baptized this Saturday! He is Diego's kid and he's 11. That will be exciting. Diego is going to baptize him too:) Hmm really nothing super exciting happened this week besides a lot of finding but luckily something is finally coming of that! We have a lot of potentials that we are going to try and visit again this week. 2 of them are people who just invited us in right away which never happens so it was great! I'm really hoping that we will be able to pick up some more investigators this week because after Angel gets baptized Aurora will be our only investigator, ah! Oh oh we also broke our church attendance record at the Gouverneur Group today. 32 people came!! Thats more than the Ogdensburg branch had! There were a couple less active families that came yesterday! one of them being Patricia and her 3 kids. She is a less-active member who referred herself to the missionaries on just last year and she really wants to come back and has been praying and reading the scriptures but its really hard for her to come to church because her husband is not supportive and she has 3 kids but we had a lesson with her this past week and we talked with her about it and committed her to come and she came! We are also having a relief society dinner this week and she came to the last one so we are hoping she is able to make it to this one too. Hmm and then today as you can see in the picture, I lived Man vs. Food. and I lost. Its at this place in Potsdam called the Village Diner and its called the Flapjack Attack. It sounded really fun and the missionaries up here tried it and told us about it so we were all pumped to do it. You have to eat that entire thing in 45 minutes. We told everyone about it throughout the week and were sure we were going to be able to eat it all but we didn't even get close! Sister Davis and Sister Langford met us there and Sister Davis tried it last week and didn't finish because of like 4 bites so she tried it again today and still wasn't able to do it! Poor girl haha so yeah, diet starts today. 
So it was a good week. Its going to be warm this week and we are going to pick up some investigators:) I miss you all and hope you have a good week! write me!
Sister Quinn Nilsson

April 21, 2014

Hello Family!
First, thanks for the package! I never know what i'm going to find in there when I open the box but its always something awesome. Like those pajamas are super cute haha and the sheet music was the best thing of my life. I have been playing it all week. Although you did send me only one page of the Hie to Kolob song so if you send a letter or something anytime soon I would really love to have the entire song. Also yay I'm glad you got my package! I've never had one of those maple candy things but Sister Church said they were good so I let you guys try them first. I hope Madison has a happy birthday! I'll just say this: Happy happy birthday from all of us to you, we wish it was our birthday so we could party too! I bet you know what that was from. But yeah thanks for the package. I really liked it and hahahahahahah Lynn got Mally a bunny! oh man tell me how that goes! tell them hi for me again! and also Nick when he gets home. EXCITING! ok here is my week.
not too eventful. It was 80 degrees on Monday and the next day it snowed. I met this cute old couple that have had sister missionaries over for the last year or so. they are the cutest. They invited us over for lunch one day and it was egg salad sandwiches. I ate it. Sister Church said that's all they really eat so woo hoo that's what I get to have all the time. But they also have this funny family band called Matune Creek that is kind of bluegrassy. They play like the guitar and mandolin and the fiddle and the harmonica and its kind of countryish music. They like the sisters to learn instruments to play with them so I will be practicing the guitar this week...but yeah, they are cute. They also gave us Easter baskets on Sunday. We have a couple people we have found/member have referred us to that we are hoping to pick up as investigators this week so I will tell you how that goes. I got all your letters this week. Thanks! I also got on from Grandma Nilsson so tell her thanks as well! There has been some flooding around up here as well. Crazy! its not close to our house or anything but when we were trying to get up to Ogdensburg for district meeting this week it took like 20 minutes longer because we had to keep searching for a road that wasn't closed! I also went on exchanges again this week with Sister Jorgensen. She is really cute, maybe we will get to be companions one day. I went up to Carthage and got to go to Fort Drum to see some people. Everything is so orderly and perfect. Like Tentacle Acres! It was cool though, the people were really nice. Then Sunday was good. Aurora came to church again. She is so great. I hope she is able to get past her hesitations soon and want to be baptized. Oh also, we colored Easter eggs last Monday! It was fun, did you guys do any? Also, another story. Sister Church found a giant wolf spider in our bathroom sink on Sunday morning and I had to kill it! it was super scary but I sprayed it with Scrubbing Bubbles with bleach enough times to kill it and then I washed it down the drain. I have become the spider assassin this week. they are everywhere! I knew dad would be so proud of me. Oh also yes I get to talk to you guys on Mothers Day so tell me when you have church so we can plan accordingly! I'm so excited!!
Yeah that's all I really have to report for the week. Keep praying for the awesome people here. keep sending me letters! I love you guys and miss you.
love, sister Quinn nilsson

April 14, 2014

thanks for emailing me haha. I could have just sent my email but I wanted to know what was going on at home. I heard dad took Sadie out in the sunbeam. cool cool. too bad it broke again haha. make sure it is in good working order when I get back! also yeah haha yay for the Aumicks! I've been out of Corning for 2 months but I still love them and they are doing so great so I will keep updating you on them:) Tell Ian to stop growing so much! hmm okay I will tell you about my week.
"Nice weather we're having" that was a SpongeBob quote but we really did have nice weather this week. It was amazing. I'm not even wearing tights today! crazy! although it is supposed to drop again this week so that is lame. I hope you have a fun time in warm st George. So yeah we took advantage of the warm weather by walking around the whole town. its fun though! my feet were hurting a little by the end of it but it was a great change from being in the car all the time. Also just a side note, I think our house is like infested with spiders! I have killed like 6 in the past 2 days! I would have run screaming at home but now I take care of business with those dumb things. only if they are on the floor though so I can step on them or spray them with fluids. I am getting that spider killer stuff you spray around your house today. anyway back to the week. yeah like I said we really just tracted most of the week. it was fun though! I am getting better at it! I used to be afraid and uncomfortable talking with people but now I think its fun and the people here really are pretty nice even if they aren't interested so its fun. we did meet this cool family though. we have been praying for a family to teach so hopefully they are some people God has prepared for us. we found them just by tracting down this dirt road in the middle of nowhere haha but I think we were walking down that road for a reason. they were really nice and open and we talked for about 5 minutes and then gave the dad a book of Mormon. he does a lot of research about like everything so we offered him a book of Mormon and he was like yeah i'd love one and then he asks "so, what is the book of Mormon?" which is another one of those questions that every missionary would die to hear so we cherished that moment for a second then explained it to him. so yeah. hoping they are someone we can teach. we also taught Aurora a couple times and she came to church and loved it again. she is so great i'm so happy we have her to teach because she just loves everything! we invited her to be baptized last week but she said it was a big commitment and that she wanted to think about it some more but I think she will come around soon. also. ooh crazy miracle. we have this really cute 17 year old girl, we are teaching and we haven't been able to see her in a while cause her mom kind of controls the situation and they have been really busy so we just haven't been able to see her but then we are tracting in a different part of town and we knock on a door and this woman lets us in and there is her and her mom inside! they were visiting a friend and we happened to knock on her door that day! it was so great. haha there was a 6 year old boy there too and he was just talking about plants vs zombies the whole time. I felt a bit nerdy cause I knew exactly what he was talking about but hey, its a fun game! so we chatted for a little bit then left because they were going to watch the Hobbit II. then a couple days later we are walking around town and we wanted to try her neighbor and then we see her outside! So we got to talk to her and teach her a tiny bit! yes we have just had a week and being in the right place at the right time and it has been great. holy moly long email sorry if you have a difficult time reading this. but yeah. it was a good week. i'm looking forward to the package you sent me:) i'm trying to get one together for you guys so you might get one within the next few weeks. tell everyone I miss them and love them! i'm super excited for mother's day because I really have been missing all of you a lot. keep writing me letters please and emails! I love you! have a super week!

April 7, 2014

greetings family!
thanks for the email. haha I cringed and made a face when you asked how I felt about a purple house. i'm glad you're not painting it purple. blue will be better. with an orange door. not cause I like brighton but because orange is a good color. so is dad's car done then? does he drive it around? yeah Sadie told me about your dinner experience. Madison hasn't emailed me though >:( tell pali hi and to write me or something!
oh my gosh wasn't conference great!? due to technical difficulties we missed the majority of elder Holland's talk which was a bummer because he's one of my favorites too but I will just have to look it up this week. and yes, Uchdorf's was great! attitude of gratitude. it was so needed for today. so many people just focus on the fact that they don't have the iphone 7 or a 3 car garage. there are so many more important things in life! also I really loved President Monson's talk. So simple! The world would be such a better place if people really were just kind to one another. I really loved how he said something like "you will never regret being too kind" it is so true! Ooh also, Elder Ballard's follow-up talk! mission humor haha. anyway hey hey are all you guys gonna invest in a PMG then? :)) yes as you can see, I really loved conference. I can't wait to get the next ensign so I can read them again :) well this week besides conference we had MLC again. The Potsdam Zone Leaders drove us and Sister Langford and Sister Davis down. Then when we got to Utica all the Zone leaders had a zone leader conference to go to so all us Sister Training Leaders got to go out to dinner! We went in separate cars because there were so many of us so Sister Church and I rode with Sister McGregor and Sister Bladh. We decided to go to Panera bread and we go in and order and sit down when through the window we see  a big group of sister missionaries walking to the door! haha we didn't even plan to go to the same place but I guess we were just all feeling soups and salads and sandwiches. so we all had a lot of fun together eating there. then yeah, the next day was a long day. 7 hours of sitting and talking about the new teaching method gets me pretty restless but it was good. yeah nothing really too exciting to say about mlc. its warm today! i'm super excited for spring. do you have Easter plans? does anyone remember what we did for easter last year? oh also I forgot to tell you this but a while ago I tried a deviled egg for the first time. it wasn't horribly disgusting but eggs and mayo are not my thing. anyway. I love and miss you guys! I hope you have a good week. CTR and share the gospel!
love, sister Quinn nilsson

March 31, 2014

Hello Family!
yes sorry i wasn't able to send a letter last week. it was a crazy p-day. we were at the Blackburns house in Ogdensburg for our district activity and i didn't have much time to write but i'll write a letter today! you're remodeling?? i won't even be able to come home to the same house? :( jk cool do what you want i'm excitied to see it when its done in 10 years. hows dad's car coming along btdub? i'm super excited for Nick to come home. i bet he's going to be way awesome. tell him he can't go back to Korea until I come home to see him! ok this week was actually eventful so i'll start the email.
Monday was p-day whatever. but i did get to go to walmart because we were in Ogdensburg so that was wonderful :) then Tuesday. haha Tuesday was interesting. our day started off with a text message from Erin (the cute girl who got baptized last month) telling us her cat, Baby, whom she has had for 14 years and is sick, was doing really bad. we gave her some comforting words and went to visit a less-active at 10. then on the way back we decided we needed to go see Erin and comfort her. she answers the door with puffy red eyes and a tissue and lets us come in. her cat is sprawled on the floor with its tongue hanging out, gasping for breath and Erin is just sitting on the floor next to her, crying and petting her. so freaking sad. then within 20 minutes of us being there, Baby took her last breath...SO SAD! haha its funny to look back on but it was so sad in the moment. so then we went out and got Erin a coke and a plastic tote for her to put Baby in. so that was Tuesday morning. Later that night we were able to teach this awesome awesome girl named Aurora. We met her once at a less-active family's house cause she is their landlord but we didn't really think anything of it. then a member in our branch, Jade texted us and told us that Aurora babysits her daughter and said she was interested in going to our church. So before we even started teaching her she came to church and loved it. Then we went over to teach her and she had already downloaded the Book of Mormon onto her phone and felt like she had already received her answer that this is what God wanted her to do because of the 2 Mormon families she knew and then us coming along. She is sweet. She totally gets the gospel and is like the most solid person ever. But then on Thursday our other investigator dropped us.  Well she is this really cool retired band teacher/now writes articles for the newspaper. she knows everything about the church and her extended family is Mormon so she was researching and meeting with us and was progressing but she told us on Thursday after 2 weeks of intense research she thinks that Joseph Smith was a con man and that he lifted the Book of Mormon and that the whole church was a scam. a;sofj;aigjsa;glknsd;gvls what. so that sucked. she also predicted that SIster Church would follow in her footsteps and realize the church wasn't true. the people you meet on your mission. so then I cried all that night which was weird because like you know, i'm not an emotional person (although this mission is turning me into a big cry baby) and i didn't even know her that well but it was sad to see her so confused. oh well. she'll come around someday. then on Friday we took Erin out teaching with us just to a less active couple and then we had tickets for the fish fry at the catholic church school so we went to that. it was really fun haha. they gave us huge pieces of fried fish and coleslaw and mac n cheese and dessert and i died because i ate all of it. it was fun to do that with Erin though. She and Diego just went to the temple with everyone last Saturday and they loved it:) then on Saturday hahaha we helped this family who broke Amish a year ago move into their new house. so we ended up doing that like all day and oh hahah when Sister Church and I were saying bye to everyone the two boys who were 17 and 14 tried to get our number and take us out to the New York Pizzeria. so awkward haha. we skillfully rejected them and got out of there. then sunday we woke up to 8 inches of unexpected snow. so we ended up shoveling snow all day. also yesterday was fast sunday so we fasted as well. probably not a good idea but we need blessings! so yeah. that was the week.
hmm for the box...? clothes/jewelry is always fun to get but don't feel like you have to go out and buy me stuff. i just like fun random stuff. ooh like letter writing stuff. idk just whatever.
ok i love you guys and don't forget to read your scriptures daily and don't be afraid to share the gospel with your friends! have a super week and write me letters!
love, sister Quinn nilsson

March 24, 2014

olo family.
hey tell sadie thanks for those pictures! Pali(Ian) looked so handsome :) i got the letters and package! thanks!! the scarf is super cute:)  ok well i guess i will tell you about my less than eventful week...
we did a lot of walking. dad you wanted me to get my fill of tracting, i definitely did this week. and so far we haven't found anyone from it but whatever, we will find people eventually! there is this one girl we know though. we met her when we were visiting a less active family and then we found out she babysits for another member of our branch! she heard about our new church in gouverneur and wanted to come so she came last sunday! i think she liked it so we will possibly see her this week. besides that i spent a lot of time thinking about my old area...i thought i would be over it by now but i'm not! i still miss everyone so much! oh oh oh and the McConnels and Janie have a baptism date so I am dying! also its still cold. i seriously dont think winter is going to end. yeah honestly we just tried to find people the whole week. i will tell you when something exciting happens. hope ya'll have a good week. tell pali to wax that unibrow. he looks like squilliam fancy son. lates.
sister quinn nilsson

(and for those who don't know what squilliam fancy son looks like, here you go)

March 17, 2014

Hello family!
first of all, i haven't received a letter all week. what is going on? i'm dying over here. also aww that was nice of them to get you a big gift basket :) tell them hi and that i still miss them! awww noo our trees! i never thought they would come down. 
yeah anywya fun stuff at home thanks for keeping me updated. so now i guess i will tell you about my week. it was interesting. not too exciting. we had another ztm. i finally met all the missionaries in my zone. there are so many senior couples! oh also haha yeah i went to that baby shower last week at the blackburns. it also was way snowy on wednesday! we had to stay in for part of the day so we didn't get in a car accident. we have been searching for more good investigators. oh funny story. so we went on exchanges this week. I went with Sister Stephenson to Watertown. it is such a cute town! way bigger than gouverneur. but so we were walking down the street to get to someones house and ahead of us is this screaming crazy man who is yelling at a lady in a car. we are like 10 feet away when he starts to walk away but then he turns around and yells to her "YOU KNOW, I SITLL LOVE YOU" and then she's like "THEN WHY DONT YOU SHOW IT?" and then he's like "I DO SHOW IT" and then she said 'NO YOU DON'T" or somehting like that. so funny. we got a safe distance away before we started laughing but it was seriously so funny. we considered approaching him and offering to teach him about the gospel but we didn't feel like he would be in the mood. it was like being in the middle of a drama series haha. oh and then we had a dinner appointment with this awesome family. they are hawaiian. the mom is so funny and there were like 4 teenagers. it was so fun. she made us cafe rio/costa vida basically. aw i miss hawaii.  oh also today we bought funfetti pancake mix. stoked to try that. also we had district conference this weekend. so weird the "stake" or "district" of potsdam is like as big as our ward. maybe a little bigger but its nuts. there are no members up here. they all talked about missionary work again :) i love being the most important person in the room. how is the missionary work in our ward going? well. i kind of got to go but i will add more info in my letter. WRITE ME. 
sister quinn nilsson

March 10, 2014

Hola familia. 
Yeah sounds like a crazy week for you all. Talking to you guys on the phone was really great. I hope everything goes well with the funeral and tell everyone else I say hi! hahahahah i can only imagine what sean and aaron would have said to madison. oh send me a cd or something of those piano songs, i really like them! i told madison a while ago to record her playing them and then send them to me but she wouldn't. anyway ok my week wasn't too super exciting either but i guess i will tell you about it. 
Umm...yeah i just looked through my planner again and really nothing exciting has happened. this week i have been pretty distracted and kind of stressed and also kind of over it all. i'm sure all the stuff with grandma  has to do with me being distracted this week. i still get pretty sad about it sometimes but i still know that its better she be in heaven now. mostly we have just been visiting some less actives and trying potentials and tracting. i used to be really afraid of tracting, but for the most part, people here have been pretty friendly. i also, as you know, am pretty bad at talking to strangers but i have found that easier as well. we still haven't found any new investigators yet but we just have to be patient. i'm not really stressing about it right now because i remember in corning how long it took us to find someone (almost 3 months!) but when we did finally find someone (the Aumicks :)) it was the best ever and totally worth waiting for. so yeah, just working everyday to find someone and i know eventually we will be lead to the person who is ready for us. oh i also went on exchanges this weekend though. i took over the area for the day and had sister jorgensen come up here. it was really fun! i was kind of nervous to be the leader for the exchange but hopefully she learned something from me. idk...i'm not really a leader person but i just did my thing and we worked. we also had the 2nd meeting of the gouverneur group last sunday. it went pretty well. 21 people showed up. including our cool investigator. she is going to get her answer through this church attendance! she really wants to know if the church is true and has been praying and reading and now she is coming to church so i am excited for her. 
well. thats it for me this week. make sure all you guys email me and write me next week! i understand that you guys were fairly busy with everything going on but i missed hearing from you! i love you and hope this week goes well.
love, sister quinn nilsson