Monday, March 17, 2014

March 3, 2014.

Hiya Family!
Gosh I'm sorry to hear about Grandma. That must be hard for you guys. Just remember that everything is in God's hands and that whatever happens is for the best. And don't worry about me, I'm doing ok with it all. I've got lots of other things to distract me! But I will for sure keep everyone up there in my prayers.
In other news, things in the new area are going pretty well. Oh and clarification for dad, I'm not a trainer but I'm a sister training leader which is basically like a district leader but for sisters. Our main job is to go on exchanges with the sisters we are assigned to be over and to just help them with their missionary work and lives. So for that leadership position we get to go to MLC or missionary leadership council every transfer I'm pretty sure it is. We got to ride down with some other sisters and our zone leaders to Utica to spend the night in the mission home and then go to the council thing the next day. oh but guess what, we had to be at the mission home by 8:30 but we got into Utica around 7:30 and one of the sisters needed winter boots so we got to go to the mall! with a target!! It was an hour of pure heaven for us haha. It was seriously like walking through a wonderland. Sister Church and I got twinner shirts. We didn't even plan it either haha. yeah we went to Target and H&M. So great. The elders told us they saw us and tried to get our attention but all us sisters were just so out of it and only in shopping mode. It was funny haha. Anyway so MLC was cool. The mission department or whatever is implementing a new method of teaching and we are going to be the guinea pigs. I will tell you how it goes, its crazy. Its totally different than what we've been doing but it looks like it will be effective so we'll see. we also had our first Gouverneur Group meeting this Sunday! it was a success I think. We had about 25 people there. It was weird having church in a community room covered in St Patricks day decoration but it was cool too haha. Hopefully we will be able to see more people come next week. Yeah, things are going pretty good here. Sister Church is a really hard worker which is great. I like to be with people who get work done. Looking to be a pretty good week, minus the cold. I love you all and will be praying for you. Keep me updated with letters please :)
love, sister Quinn nilsson