Monday, February 23, 2015

Sister Nilsson and Sister Nilsson

​sister gass has lost both of her nametags now.
"she's sister nilsson, i'm sister nilsson. we're all sister nilsson"
we do look like cousins though, dont we?

Pictures from Palmayra

February 23, 2015

Hello Family!
Sounds like an exciting week....hey I heard the Oscars were last night, did you watch them? Ok I will tell you about my week now.
I got to go on the Palmyra Temple Trip on Tuesday! If felt kind of weird to finally be there but it was so great! The temperature was a little chilly but the sun was out and it was really a nice day. We met early in the morning at the Liverpool building and us 5 sisters drove with Sister Wirthlin in the mini van and President had to drive the 8 elders in the big van. We met at the Palmyra Temple for our first stop. It was so nice to even see a temple again. It's pretty small but really pretty. Something cool was that this woman that Sister Davis taught and was able to see baptized came to the temple that day to get her endowments and she had Sister Davis be her escort. It was pretty cool to see a missionary be able to be a part of so many covenant's in their convert friend's life. Also, Diego and Erin were endowed and sealed that same week :) Only in the DC temple. So yeah, we did a session in the temple which was super nice and peaceful and then after taking some pictures by the temple we went to the Grandin Print shop, where the Book of Mormon was first printed and published. It was pretty cool to see. So much time and effort was put into printing the Book of Mormon. The process of printing each individual letter is like writing a book with stamps. So tedious! I don't think I would have the patience to do that. Luckily someone did. The senior missionary also talked about the vision Joseph Smith had for what he wanted the Book of Mormon to look like which was very detailed. I think going there would definitely give anyone a great appreciation for the Book of Mormon. Then after that we went across the street for pizza and wings. Thats like all President ever feeds us missionaries. No wonder we're all chubby! ha Jk but we do get pizza a lot...then we shopped around in the Bookstore for a bit. It was also nice to be back in a Deseret Book type place! I hope you got the postcard that I sent you. So after we got our souvenirs we went to the Hill Cummorah Visitor's center. I forgot all that was in there besides the statue of Christ similar to the one in Salt Lake Visitors center which we got a picture by. It was weird to be in the picture that is sent out every transfer to let everyone see who the departing missionaries are. It was a really nice center as well. Then it was time to participate in the mission tradition of running up the Hill Cummorah. Now I didn't know how big the hill was and I didn't think it could be too bad but oh, it was terrible. Super steep, super long, and covered in at least a foot of snow. Probably a very funny thing to witness for the people driving by. Let's just say most of us were all pretty exhausted and dizzy by the time we reached the top. At the top was the giant Angel Moroni monument or whatever which was cool but I was too tired and cold to really appreciate it. Then we drove back to the Joseph Smith farm and got a little tour of that. That house was so teeny. On of the elders from New Zealand who is at least 6 foot kept bumping his head on the beams on the ceiling haha. I couldn't imagine living with 11 people in there! What was cool though is going upstairs because that is the spot where Joseph Smith was visited by Angel Moroni! Pretty cool. While the visitor's center missionary sister was talking about the story of Joseph Smith she had one of the elders (also the one from New Zealand) recite the first vision. He did it perfect and the room very quickly filled with the spirit. When you were there you just coldn't deny the reality of everything that happened there. After the tour of the farm and houses we went down and took a stroll in the sacred grove. I don't really know what to say about it besides how peaceful it was. Even though no one knows the exact spot where Joseph Smith saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, its very apparent that something special happened there. We need to come back in the springtime when there is no snow and leaves on the trees. Then after the grove, we went to the Peter Whitmer home and visitor's center to see where the church was first established. I loved the trip. I think the coolest thing is that I've been teaching people about Joseph Smith and the establishment of the church for 18 months and now I finally got to see where it took place. It's the most perfect ending to a mission. Oh! and then we stopped at Destiny mall to get frozen yogurt with some elders on the way back and we met a potential! He gave us a discount on our yogurt because we were Christian and then came over and talked to us. We exchanged info and I think we will start teaching him. His name is Rocky, pray for him! he has a family! Kind of funny that a frozen yogurt shop was the right place to be at that time.
Wow that whole paragraph was about one day. The rest of the week was good though. We got to see Paul and do a section out of his Book of Mormon study guide with him which he loves. He told us he's only reading the Book of Mormon right now and we are like phew because lately he's been reading some pretty weird stuff...We have been able to spend a lot of time with the members this week as well. I think I say this every week but they are all so cool! I love serving out here because Lots of the members are converts and its amazing to hear their stories. We also had dinner on Sunday with a family who's son gets home from his mission the same day I get home. They were pretty chill about him coming home but I think they were super pumped inside so I bet that is kind of what you guys are like.
Can't really believe that I'm about to start my last full week as a missionary here. This has gone by too fast yet, I feel that I've been away from home for a long time. The thing is, I have found home out here in New York and I am sad to leave it. I never thought somewhere so far away could feel like home but it does. There are things about Utah I have missed but there are so many things about New York I will miss. I love the people out here, the funny small towns, the tight-knit wards, and the work I get to participate in as a missionary. I will admit, I'm kind of scared to come home and face the reality of moving on with life. Missionary life is so fulfilling and your purpose is set in stone and you know what you are supposed to do. I'm glad I came out here though because what it has made me will really benefit me for the rest of my life. Missionary work has shown me what should be most important and what kind of life I want to lead. I will see you all soon. Thanks for the prayers and please keep them coming!
Sister Quinn Nilsson

Sunday, December 21, 2014

December 16, 2014

     This week has been good! I got a new companion! Her name is Sister Gass and she is from Circleville! I remembered Sadie's first roomates were from Circleville and if their names are Megan and Marci, Sister Gass totally knows them. I really like Sister Gass, she reminds me a lot of Kelcie which is weird but great! She has been out 5 months and is really nice and a hard worker. I hope I get to end my mission with her.
     So Wednesday and Thursday it was snowing like crazy. Even more crazy, transfers still happened on Wednesday even with bad weather. Luckily I didn't have to go anywhere. Instead I spent the day in Fayetteville with another Sister while Sister Gass traveled down here. Then on Thursday there was like 2 feet of snow outside so we decided to try snow shovel tracting. We were excited to do it but as we made our way to the car to get out the shovels we noticed this old lady in our apartment parking lot which hadn't been plowed trying to get her little Camry our of the parking spot. She is just spinning her tires and ruining her engine so we help shovel her out so she's not stuck. We then are gonna head to the streets but the lady immediately pulls into another snow-filled parking spot and gets stuck again! So the pattern of us shoveling her out and her driving into another parking spot continues for 45 minutes! Finally we shovel out a whole parking spot for her to park in. So she gets into the spot, the whole lot smells like gas and burning rubber, and then she gets out and goes back inside. We were like are you kidding me?! why were you even out here?! so yeah. we are super tired after that but we didn't even get to leave our house. but there was one person I remembered meeting and telling her that we would shovel her driveway for her. so we walk over to her street and she and her husband are out shoveling! I was so happy my idea worked out! it had to have definitely been inspiration. So we got to help them shovel and get to know them. it was great. they still aren't interested in learning but they know us now and like us! also the husband was so appreciative he gave us each some money for lunch. Its awesome when the Holy Ghost tells you where to go. 
     We also visited a crazy lady this week. She and her mom are in our area book and we have stopped over and called a bunch and finally we set up a time to come over. I was so excite to finally be able to meet with them but it did not turn out as I had hoped. the mom let us in and gave us gross Chamomile tea and said we could talk to her daughter. The daughter is nuts! She talks nonstop about random stuff! I think there must be a mental disability there but I was like nooo dang it! I wasn't too disappointed because listening to her and talking with her were very entertaining. I kept it together pretty well but Sister Gass was dying. So we listen to her for a while and try to share a spiritual message but then we left, never to return. Then on Saturday we had a Christmas Caroling blitz. We invited the whole ward to come but it was only us 3 sets of missionaries and our Ward Mission Leader. 
     So not a fantastic turn out but we made the best of it. Our ward mission leader is awesome. So it was awkward at first because singing randomly while walking down the street is awkward  but we handed out about 15 copies of the Book of Mormon so it was a success. That night was the ward Christmas party though so we could have picked a better day for caroling but oh well. And a couple weeks ago our Ward Mission Leader asked us and the elders to do a musical number for the party. So after our voices are worn out form caroling, we have to sing at the party too. it was decent enough but the only other musical numbers were done by this amazingly musically talented family so we were showed up real bad but oh well. except Sister Gass and I also had to do a song in sacrament meeting the next day! I also caught a cold this week so you can only imagine how my singing voice has been. Sister Gass was also super nervous to sing but its over and done with. Also, Paul passed his baptism interview so he is being baptized this Saturday! So exciting! He is really ready for this and the changes that will come with it. So that's the most exciting events of the week...I'm excited for Christmas!
      I will give you details about it next week. Hope it snows in Utah! Tell Kelcie hi for me! I love you all! Keep writing me please!
Love, Sister Quinn Nilsson

December 3, 2014

     horay i'll keep my eye out for the package! I will give you more details about Skype and such when I have them. super excited!! Pali better cut his hair before I see him!
this week was super good I will tell you about it
     So last Monday we picked up a new investigator! Her name is Krissy and she is so cute! We met her while teaching another investigator. Our other investigator's name is Stephanie and she is a sweetheart. She has some brain problems and seizure problems so she has a 24/7 staff. We have been teaching her ever since I've been here and she's not progressing so at first I was like ok I get that we are doing a nice service to her by seeing her but is this really going to go anywhere? we still visit her anyway but on Monday we went over just with a plan to share the stripling warriors story. So we read it and talk about faith and learning from your mother and Stephanie loved it as always and then Krissy started participating and we were not expected it because usually her aids just ignore us but we were like ok sweet she likes this. So then she picked up Stephanie's Book of Mormon and started flipping through it asking where the chapter was. We were discussing the story with Stephanie while Krissy read intently. Then she asked if we had any extra copies she could have! I gave her one with my testimony in it and we explained a little bit about what the Book of Mormon is. She told us she feels that this could be something that will fill the hole in her life and that she has a warm feeling when we are there. She is married with two young kids and we are so excited. Talk about being in the right place at the right time. So we also taught her the Restoration this week and she loved it. Pray for her and her family so they can be baptized !:) We also go to lead a sing-a-long at a retirement home this week. Its a super nice retirement home and the elderly were so nice! Especially the activities coordinator girl. She thanked us with tears in her eyes :) We are going back on the 22nd to lead a Christmas Carol sing-a-long. It kind of reminded me of when we sang at old folks' homes in choir. We've been talking a lot about Christmas this week, of course, and using the holiday season to talk with people. Going up to a person and asking them if they like Christmas is a lot easier than asking them if they have heard of the Book of Mormon. Also, we found out this week that Sister Hale is transferring to Gouverneur! It was a surprise to hear that she is leaving because she has only been here 2 transfers but an even bigger surprise to hear that she is going to the best area ever!! She is going to freeze up there but Ithink she will love it! 
     My new comp's name is Sister Gass. I kind of know her so I'm excited for her to come. I think I will spend my last 2 transfers here with her. So weird. Time has flown by for sure. Except not really. Paul is still on date for the 20th. He's really excited. He just needs to be better at coming to church! I'm kind of nervous to take over this area but I think I will be able to do it. This is a really good area and obviously, miracles are happening!! I hope things are going well at home! I miss you all a lot but I'm loving life over here. Please keep writing me! I will see you in 12 weeks!
Sister Quinn Nilsson

Sunday, October 26, 2014

September 22, 2014

yay! pictures! oh my sean...yay!! pali in his football gear hahaha he looks so funny. yeah his hair is reaalllyy long. wow, sounds like a lot of new babies i will have to meet when i get home. also, thank you for forwarding camden's email! now i know when he gets home haha. he gets home on the day of our baptism :) yep our Jamaican investigator will be baptized this Wednesday :) we are so excited for him. He told us he wants to be baptized on his birthday because it would be like a gift to him. So cute! Also yes transfers were this week. My new companion is Sister Huang. She is also from Temple Square and Taiwan. She's so cute I am excited to be with her. Also wow this week has been long. On Tuesday we went to the museum here and it was way cool. They had tons of exhibits on nature stuff around here and the metropolitan history and a 9/11 exhibit. also we got to go to the top of this big building called Corning Tower and get a view of the whole city and more. When you all come up here to visit with me we will have to go to the museum. But anyway, back to the new transfer. Sister Huang and I are enjoying working together but that's not all! A sister in Latham is going home for medical reasons so her companion, Sister Curtis is going to be with us for the time being. Trio! Sister Curtis just got here yesterday afternoon and we are already having lots of fun together. I hope she gets to stay the whole transfer because she really adds a lot to the companionship. We also got to teach our investigator the other night. We were trying someone else on his street but they weren't home so we were walking back to the bus stop and we decided just to try him before we left and he answered and we got to teach him about the Book of Mormon. We don't get to see him as often as we would like but I know that if we were able to see him more frequently he would progress so quickly! Both times we've seen him he says he feels so good after talking with us and that what we've taught him is good. It's cool when people acutally tell you that you make them feel good. Cause in trainings we always learn that we as missionaries or even just members of the church kind of have a light and others can see it but when the people actually do tell you they feel good around you it is so much cooler. Taking over the area has been challenging. I basically do all the planning for our days because neither of the other sisters have any idea about the area but I feel like I'm getting the hang of it. At least I am with the bus schedules. We haven't missed a bus yet so that's good. The fall is also coming in. The trees don't look that spectacular yet but they are definitely changing. Well I'm going to email some other people now but I love and miss you all! Keep writing me and have a good week!
Love, sister quinn nilsson

September 8, 2014

Hello Family!
I'm still waiting for those pictures of Ian in his football get up! Yay:) I"m excited for the package :) oh man I forgot about Joe's chicken. That sounds so good. So I will tell you about this week. 
It was pretty good! Nice weather. Crazy people. We tried to teach the Muslim family English on Wednesday. Our original plan was just to read the Book of Mormon with her because that does help people learn English but then she ended up having some books so we kind of quized her on those. We did give her a homework assignment on reading a page in the Book though so we will see if she was able I said they are just a super cute family. We also met this cool girl from Russia! She was waiting for the bus and I saw a Jazz Folder in her hand so I asked her if she liked the Jazz. Then she started talking about herself and all that so we gave her our number and she said she wanted to come to church but I'm not very smart and I forgot to ask for her number so hopefully we will run into her again. We are excited for our investigators baptism! He's the old Jamaican guy we are teaching and he has lots of health problems and every time we go over to teach him he tells us he doesn't think he has much longer to live so we are crossing our fingers he lives til his baptism haha. I'm sure he will. We also went down to Utica to go to MLC. Fun ish as always. I got to see Sister Barley again though so that was the most exciting part. She just told me all the goings on in Gouverneur. I still miss Gouverneur a lot! MLC was cool. There was a big emphasis put on expecting more miralces to happen like in the book of mormon when there are thousands of people converted wihtin only a few days. Things like that really can happen if we just have enough faith so hopefully all the mission leaders will be able to raise everyone's faith so crazy awesome miracles can happen. We are also going have a table set up on Wednesday at the university of Albany so hopefully we will be able to find some cool college kids to teach. Its just been a fun week. I'm a bit nervous to take over the area next week though. I still dont know this area too well and I especially am still not familiar enough with the bus system. Its a challenge I'm kind of excited for as well though. Well thats about all I have for this week. I'm glad you guys are doing good. Hope you have a fun week! Write me!! lOve you!
SIster Quinn Nilsson