Monday, December 16, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Hello family!
First things first, yes I got both packages! They are under our tree right now:)  Ok well here is our week.
We went on exchanges Tuesday. Sister Stephens stayed in Corning and I went up to Ithaca with Sister Musser. Its really cool up there. Its very snowy and there are 2 colleges up there! Ithaca College and Cornell. Cornell was faaanncyy! It kind of remined me of Monsters University haha. I guess it is a smart people school and it shows! It looks like a castle and all the students walking around looked very intelligent. I think it would be great to serve in college land. Lots of young people who are open to stuff. So that was fun. It was fun to work with another sister. Also she looked just like Paige Kelly but shorter with shorter darker hair. Anyway, after we got back from exchanges we had plans to see our new investigator Tiffani but she said it wasn't a good day for some reason I forgot. So we were bummed about that but while we were texting her she told us she had been reading the Book of Mormon and couldn't wait to meet up again!! ahhhh!! She said she would be available after Christmas so we are definitely calling her December 26! We also saw our beloved Aumicks this week:) We taught the kids about baptism and McKenzie wants to be baptized so we told her to talk to her parents about it. Mind you her parents are the sweetest! Also their grandma is there right now cause her arm is injured and when we asked her name she told us "Grandma Carol. Well my name is Carol but you can call me Grandma!" So sweet! Also big Tim, the dad, told us he thought it was wonderful when we asked what he thought about us coming over to teach the kids! Love love love love them! So yes, pretty good week. We also met a lady last night who was on our potentials list. She had seen elders before and told us she has her own church but because we are so sweet and she admires the fact we are on missions she's be willing to visit with us anytime! Also we had a good snow storm this week! Its kind of really cold with that but its awesome! We shoveled one of our potential's driveways for service. Hahahah funny story. We are trying to think of creative ways to get people to like us/get potentials to become investigators so we decided we would write a Christmas poem and make a treat to deliver with it. We had planned to make fudge and carmel corn. Everything that could have went wrong, indeed went wrong. The fudge didn't ever set and when we took a test spoonful we are pretty sure what we made wasn't fudge and the carmel corn recipe was kind of weird because it wanted us to put the popcorn in a paper bag then drizzle the carmel on it then put it in the mircowave multiple times after shaking it. We didn't really want to put a paper bag in the microwave so we put the popcorn and the carmel in a tupperware (the carmel didn't turn out great either, it dried all crunchy and nasty) and then put it in the microwave and it melted the tupperware!! there was a big old hole in the bottom of it!  so those did not work out and we ended up melting chocolate chips and drizzling them oer the popcorn. I need that white chocolate popcorn recipie haha. So yes, I still definitely cannot cook.
Well I cannot wait for Christmas!!! We have a countdown:) Get all the skype stuff figured out! I hope you all have a good week and please keep praying for our investigators!! I love you all and miss you!
love, sister quinn nilsson

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Season's Greetings!

season's greetings! :)
sounds like you guys had a great week! also, cute cute baby! tell des congratulations! anyway here's my week.
let see...oh! we picked up another investigator :D she is the coolest person ever. her name is tiffani and she just moved here from kentucky. yes, she has the coolest accent ever and i want it. anyway, she lives with her inlaws and i guess the first time when we were over just for a minute talking to her at her door she told them about us and they were like "don't let them in. they are jehova's witnesses" but we came back and she let us in anyway:) we also assured her that she is safe cause we're mormon. and then. she was like "oh i've never heard of mormons. what do you guys believe?" whaaaaaat!! best thing to ever hear on a mission. so as we were freaking out internally we taught her the restoration and gave her a book of mormon and i'm excited to see her again! also we taught tim's family again this weekend and it was amazing. i'm always kind of nervous to go over there cause the kids are super into but the parents dont really seem to be so we pulled up to their house behind their car and i see big tim (there is a dad and a son named tim so we call them big tim and little tim) come out and i'm like aw man, he's leaving. so we ask and he's like "nah, come on in!" so we go in and the whole family is there and they all get their chairs and clear off their little table so we can start our lesson. they have been praying and trying to read the book of mormon and they love the pamphlets! they have chosen their favorite pictures and when we were wrapping up they were like "do you have another pamphlet to give us?" so freaking cute. we asked melinda, the mom, and she said she would be open to taking them to church but they wrestle (ugh) so tournaments could get in they way but we will try to work with that. so excited about people here! also the branch did a cool live nativity thing at the corning christmas event called sparkle that we went to and it was way fun. it was very cold but there were so many people there and it was super christmasy. haha also as we were standing out on the street these teenage boys came up to us and were like "can we have a book of mormon?" and sister stephens was like "wait, seriously??" and then they're like looool no, we're members. rotten kids. ha jk they were funny, they got sister stephens really excited though.  speaking of christmas....16 DAYS TIL THE CHRISTMAS SKYPE. so so so excited. we will be going to the Brignone's for christmas eve to have a swedish smorgishbord or however you say it and then to the Beans for christmas day. what are you guys doing for christmas? hope its fun for ya! sister stephens and i are doing great. we have a lot of fun together! she says i remind her of her best friend so thats funny.
well, that about sums up my week. i'm loving it here. freezing cold but its all good. excited to talk to you guys. keep praying for our people. keep writing me!
i love you all and have a good week!
love, sister quinn nilsson