Tuesday, October 22, 2013

buenos dias!

this was an interesting week. we got invited into a house while tracting last tuesday so we picked them up as an investigator. we gave her the lds.org web address and told her to read or watch some of the general conference talks. they said we could come over this morning so we decided to sacrifice an hour of pday for a potential investigator but unfortunately, she attended her church yesterday so she wasn't too keen on giving that up. we left her with a book of mormon though and told her to read and pray about it so maybe something will come of her in a couple months. we did place another book of mormon this week though! we were walking to an apartment to tract and we started talking to a lady at the bus stop. she said she had met with elders years ago and she is very interested in religion so she was really excited when we offered her a book of mromon. idk if she is just interested in it for intellectual reasons but we told her to read and pray so hopefully we can contact her again.

ha funny story, we accidentally went to pennsylvania the other day. we were looking for a less-active on the branch directory and we got onto this highway and we passed the house but there wasn't an exit until after we crossed the border so woo hoo i can chalk that up to states i've been to! we were only in pennsylvania for like 3 minutes though so maybe it doesn't count.

besides that, not too much else has happened. we have met a lot of nice people while tracting. lots of people here are very set in their own beliefs so they are very nice and like to talk about the bible with us but thats about it. we try to pass out books of mormon when we can but sometimes that scares them away. its my favorite when people open the door and are about to open the glass or screen door when they see our badge and then they decide they would rather keep it closed. oh well. still trying to be optimistic! it's been 2 months, its got to be time for us to find investigators!

i hope you all have a good week. i know i said i couldn't wait to get out but i admit that i do find myself missing home. keep writing me letters and tell the lambs and my other family members hi for me! oh, and tell connely bye for me! good job on being dependable ward members and yw/ym. the leaders really do put so much time and love into the youth! yes ok i love you all and miss you!

Monday, October 14, 2013

dear family
haha they had a ceremony for the sidewalk? 
this was a pretty good week! my companion got feeling better by wednesday so we got to leave the apartment. we didn't pick up any investigators this week but we met a couple former investigators who we are going to stop in on again so i'm hoping they will be interested. we went to addison last wednesday to help the sherrod's clean our their shed. brother sherrod shared some polish jokes he picked up in georgia. he also shared the "tankity tank tank" joke if you know what that is. if you don't, look it up cause its pretty funny. they also fed us hamburgers. i was so happy! lets see we also met a less active and her daughter. her name is tammy and she has had a crazy life and said one of her goals is to go to the temple so we will be bringing members with us when we visit her so she can get comfortable with them and then start coming to church! her daughter is really cute. she is 13 and she said something about wanting to be baptized so we will have to find out how committed she would be to coming to church and stuff if she was able to get baptized so exciting stuff! the former we met the other day was joe. he has had a crazy life. he used to be into drugs and drinking but he got himself out of that. and he was in a fire accident in the woods he burned 30% of his body! he has skin grafts on his legs and arms because he accidentally caught himself on fire when he was in the forest one day! he ran to his motorcycle to get to the hospital and the skin on his hand came off! so gross! but he was friendly and even gave us some otter pops. we left him with a plan of salvation pamphlet and our card and stuff. we're going back to see him but i really hope he has an interest. we also visit with these 2 older ladies. they are so cute and talk so much. we are there forever because they never stop talking! we have yet to get any gospel stuff in while we're there but we will keep visiting and then see if we can say something that will spark their interest.
i had kinwa (is that how you spell it?) for the first time the other night. yeah that's the weirdest food i have had so far so life is pretty good over here in that way. it was pretty good but i still don't care that much for the texture. feels like i am eating tiny bugs. we also got some amazing peanut butter chocolate pie though. heaven. oh and the branch is having a "fall festival" this month which is basically the chili cook off and trunk or treat combined and the missionaries are going to be the judges. oh man. i hope someone makes pumpkin pie. oh and yes i don't have my music cube thingy so please send that. and my gps. i hope everything you need for it is in the box...
what! lindsay is getting married?? i'm going to miss it! tell  her i'm angry she's doing it without me. whats his name again? and what what! connely is leaving so soon! this is too weird!! ha ya i emailed nick and he says he loooves it. wouldn't be surprised if he did move there.
well i'm gonna go now but have a good week! write lots of letters and send me food! please:)
love, sister quinn nilsson

Monday, October 7, 2013

Hello family!
Oh yeah we were at a place for dinner and the news was on and I saw in the corner of the screen a government shutdown countwon and I freaked out for a minute but then the member that took us to dinner told us about it so it wasn't as freaky but haha sucks you guys couldn't go to Lake Powell. Well dang I just told you guys off in my letters about ditching conference for Lake Powell so just ignore that part...yeah wasn't conference great?? I loved it!! Anyway, this week has been pretty good. Oh my goodness, Amber's family sent me a package!! It made me so happy! Also I got your guys' letters. Keep them coming!
So actually this past week I went on my first exchange! I went up to Horseheads to work with another sister, Sister Stapp for the day. It was so fun! It is very pretty up there as well and they have some amazing people they are working with. We both have light blonde hair so I'm sure people loved seeing two little blondes in dresses walking around. Besides that not much else happend this week...my companion was sick over the weekend so we hung out at the apartment a lot. Not very fun. But oh we did meet another potential investigator! We were tracting this one street and she was really nice and we asked if we could come by and talk some more and she said to call us next sunday and gave us her number! Her name is Jean and she is so cute so I'm really hoping that will work out. Oh my heck that is so awesome for Camden!! I also finally got some pictures from Matt in my email this week. Its weird seeing people I haven't seen in forever.
Ok I keep asking for these but also could you send me the cowboy cavier recipe? That sounds super good right now. I love the treats you send me by the way. Also hey could you guys give me Sam Harker's address? I wish to write her a letter. Sorry this letter wasn't very long but that's really all that happend this week. Hopefully this week will be full of stories! Miss you all and love you!
Love, Sister Quinn Nilsson