Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Letter number 2. August 23/24

                                                                                                                      August 23
Dear Family,
 Ooh I got my travel itinerary today. Flying on Delta. THERE'S A CONNECTING FLIGHT IN DETROIT. ALL I WANTED WAS AN HOUR IN TEXAS THAT'S ALL I ASKED FOR. Hope is gone. No postcards for my friends unless I sent them one with a message of sorrow. So um the past 2 days have felt like 2 weeks. I met the people in my district 2 days ago and now we're tight. Oh my gosh this guy in my group from Idaho has the best country accent! He talked about the farm and his cows everyday without fail. And hahahah a sister and an elder were at Disneyland last week too! Also myy companion likes spongebob. oh and today the sisters were early to class so we decided to take some pictures, and my companion was like "ok guys, ugly faces, do the ugliest face you can." and with that being my strong suit, I was obviously the winner BUT THEM THE ELDERS GOT A HOLD OF THE CAMERA AND LAUGHED AT ME. the first thing I hear is an Elder saying "ew!" UGH UGH then they kept wanting me to do the face again! Never doing that again. Well at least now people know I'm a fun person and not some shy loser. ok bedtime. finish this later...
                                                                                                                                   August 24
hey ya'll. I got yer package today. Muddy Buddies! hahaha Madison got asked to homecoming? Don't lie to me. Still not great at teaching, but I'm hoping I'll get better. My companions way good at it so its hard not to compare myself to her. oh we went to the gym today. I ran around the track (ugh) but weirdly enough, enjoyed it. So all in all, I really like being here but it is so tough. Just gotta make it til Sunday and then I'll be good is what I hear. oh and when my district was just sitting in the classroom today, we were all just quoting Emperors New Groove and other disney movies! So great. They're awesome. Sometimes they can get on your nerves, but most of the time we're all buddies. 
Peace out! 
Sister Nilsson

Sunday, August 25, 2013

August 21. First letter!

Dear family,
           Well hoowday! I love it here already! So um lets see, my companion's name is sister Davis. She's from Sacramento and she's really pretty. She kind of reminds me of Sarah Nilsson. The other girls in my room are Sister Bochner (she asked me if I was related to Shanna) and she looks just like a blonde Elsie. The other girl is Sister Smith. She's from Salem Utah and tall with short brown hair but she's going to Maryland and is leaving next week. Ah! I saw Matt Easton today! It was so happy! I was walking to a class thing and I saw him and we both freaked out! He looked like he was gonna go in for a hug but only handshakes haha. Ah. It was great. Ugh i can hear the girls singing in the shower from my room. Also the people from my district are cool. Ooh, one guy is from Idaho and on a farm and has a country accent. Sweeet. Um its going to be crazy busy days but hopefully i'll make it. Ooh they had icecream in the cafeteria today. Also we can only write letters on P-day. They just gave us special permission to write today. My companion brought a Luke Bryan t-shirt, and its sitting on display right now. I should have snuck in some pictures of my boys. I hope ya'll aren't missing me too much cause I'm seriously having a great time. It's only been a day but i'm stoked. Kind of scared that I have to teach people but mostly excited. Ughughugh they're still singing. Well I don't really have much else to say about today, but I'll keep writing. Yeah don't be sad that I'm gone cause you can still email me and write me and stuff. Sorry I'm not going to write any mushy gushy stuff yet, haven't been in missionary mode long enough. Umm ya I don't even know when P-day is but oh oh I'm supposed to go to New York September 3rd. When the Lambs ask about me over Labor Day, tell them I'm doing super and that i love it and it's great and that I miss Garrett the most. And Tessa. Oh! Got my badge. It's cool. have to email a picture of me with it. Still wondering/ waiting to see Katy! I think she's here but I don't know. Everyone's way nice to you here. It's cool. Ugh but I'm probably going to get a bloody nose here. Don't think I need anything mailed, maybe jus that paper from my setting apart. So far wearing a skirt everyday doesn't suck too bad, but we'll see how it goes. It's pretty hard to navigate my way around here. Luckily my companions help. Oh and I spilled my icecream on the floor today. Oh my zone leader guy is from New Zealand and has the sweetest accent. He and his companion are going to Anaheim, AKA the happiest place on earth. Yeah, that's all i got for today. So have fun at school and say hi to Cuggie (our cat) for me and wuv you. Like I said, don't worry cause I'm doin' good. Oh, say hi to Gaylen for me too when you see him tonight.
                   Sister Quinn Nilsson

So there you have it! She's doing great and loving every minute, just like we knew she would.