Sunday, October 26, 2014

September 8, 2014

Hello Family!
I'm still waiting for those pictures of Ian in his football get up! Yay:) I"m excited for the package :) oh man I forgot about Joe's chicken. That sounds so good. So I will tell you about this week. 
It was pretty good! Nice weather. Crazy people. We tried to teach the Muslim family English on Wednesday. Our original plan was just to read the Book of Mormon with her because that does help people learn English but then she ended up having some books so we kind of quized her on those. We did give her a homework assignment on reading a page in the Book though so we will see if she was able I said they are just a super cute family. We also met this cool girl from Russia! She was waiting for the bus and I saw a Jazz Folder in her hand so I asked her if she liked the Jazz. Then she started talking about herself and all that so we gave her our number and she said she wanted to come to church but I'm not very smart and I forgot to ask for her number so hopefully we will run into her again. We are excited for our investigators baptism! He's the old Jamaican guy we are teaching and he has lots of health problems and every time we go over to teach him he tells us he doesn't think he has much longer to live so we are crossing our fingers he lives til his baptism haha. I'm sure he will. We also went down to Utica to go to MLC. Fun ish as always. I got to see Sister Barley again though so that was the most exciting part. She just told me all the goings on in Gouverneur. I still miss Gouverneur a lot! MLC was cool. There was a big emphasis put on expecting more miralces to happen like in the book of mormon when there are thousands of people converted wihtin only a few days. Things like that really can happen if we just have enough faith so hopefully all the mission leaders will be able to raise everyone's faith so crazy awesome miracles can happen. We are also going have a table set up on Wednesday at the university of Albany so hopefully we will be able to find some cool college kids to teach. Its just been a fun week. I'm a bit nervous to take over the area next week though. I still dont know this area too well and I especially am still not familiar enough with the bus system. Its a challenge I'm kind of excited for as well though. Well thats about all I have for this week. I'm glad you guys are doing good. Hope you have a fun week! Write me!! lOve you!
SIster Quinn Nilsson

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