Sunday, October 26, 2014

September 22, 2014

yay! pictures! oh my sean...yay!! pali in his football gear hahaha he looks so funny. yeah his hair is reaalllyy long. wow, sounds like a lot of new babies i will have to meet when i get home. also, thank you for forwarding camden's email! now i know when he gets home haha. he gets home on the day of our baptism :) yep our Jamaican investigator will be baptized this Wednesday :) we are so excited for him. He told us he wants to be baptized on his birthday because it would be like a gift to him. So cute! Also yes transfers were this week. My new companion is Sister Huang. She is also from Temple Square and Taiwan. She's so cute I am excited to be with her. Also wow this week has been long. On Tuesday we went to the museum here and it was way cool. They had tons of exhibits on nature stuff around here and the metropolitan history and a 9/11 exhibit. also we got to go to the top of this big building called Corning Tower and get a view of the whole city and more. When you all come up here to visit with me we will have to go to the museum. But anyway, back to the new transfer. Sister Huang and I are enjoying working together but that's not all! A sister in Latham is going home for medical reasons so her companion, Sister Curtis is going to be with us for the time being. Trio! Sister Curtis just got here yesterday afternoon and we are already having lots of fun together. I hope she gets to stay the whole transfer because she really adds a lot to the companionship. We also got to teach our investigator the other night. We were trying someone else on his street but they weren't home so we were walking back to the bus stop and we decided just to try him before we left and he answered and we got to teach him about the Book of Mormon. We don't get to see him as often as we would like but I know that if we were able to see him more frequently he would progress so quickly! Both times we've seen him he says he feels so good after talking with us and that what we've taught him is good. It's cool when people acutally tell you that you make them feel good. Cause in trainings we always learn that we as missionaries or even just members of the church kind of have a light and others can see it but when the people actually do tell you they feel good around you it is so much cooler. Taking over the area has been challenging. I basically do all the planning for our days because neither of the other sisters have any idea about the area but I feel like I'm getting the hang of it. At least I am with the bus schedules. We haven't missed a bus yet so that's good. The fall is also coming in. The trees don't look that spectacular yet but they are definitely changing. Well I'm going to email some other people now but I love and miss you all! Keep writing me and have a good week!
Love, sister quinn nilsson

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